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Stronger Together

Khadijah Adams originally came to Jamaica to purchase a 5 or 6-bedroom house and rent out a couple of her rooms by posting them on Airbnb. After many failed attempts to win the bids on the houses she loved, an opportunity became available to purchase this beautiful 19-bedroom boutique resort that was once popular with locals and tourists. 

Since it was initially a community resort prior to the original owner passing away, Khadijah took to social media to ask her friends for their opinion on whether she should acquire the resort, or not. She asked them if they would stay at the resort if she renovated it and if she took it off the market would they participate in the renovations virtually by sponsoring the assets to decorate the rooms? It was an astounding "YES!" 

If you would like to participate in the Stronger Together program in exchange for future accommodations while in Negril, Jamaica, follow these 3 Simple Steps: 


  1. You agree to sponsor a room, you agree to decorate the entire studio, bathroom, and veranda. There are 16 guestrooms and each room is 14x15 with one full bathroom. Based on the room you chose, there could be one full-size double bed or two twin beds.  Choose a room number starting with rooms 1 through 16. 

  2. Once you have chosen a room, click on the button below to make your donation. We provide the furniture.

  3. Make your donation a minimum of $500USD and a maximum of $1500USD below to become a sponsor 


Benefits of Sponsoring a Room:

Receive 5 days and 4 nights of accommodations, and airport transportation to and from Montego Bay airport. All accommodations include breakfast. Finally, the room will be named after you for a period of 2 years. Should we decide to continue to use the decorations you sponsored after the 2-year period, you will receive 20% off any future accommodations for as long as we use them.

Complete the form below and make your donation to participate. 



Don't forget to friend Khadijah Adams on Facebook, she will record when she decorates the room you chose.  

Complete to Join the
Stronger Together Program!


Thank you in advance!

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